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Creative Strategy

A lot of what we are tasked with doing here at Iceberg Studios involves something in the interactive world. Even though we started out mostly as a Flash animation resource – over the years we increasingly worked closely with the various development teams in order to build out websites, interactive applications, and helped with the UI/UX/Usability for both Microsoft CRM and Salesforce executions.

Here are a few websites, presentations, applications and other assorted projects we have worked on:

Company: Alianz

Client: Richmond Oval

Project: Front end website with PerfectMind integration.

Participation: Creative Director, Project Manager

Company: Alianz

Client: Alianz

Project: Corporate website

Participation: Creative Director, Project Manager

Company: Iceberg Studios

Client: Tingle

Project: Mobile Dating Application Branding and UI update.

Participation: Creative Director, Illustrator, UI design, Marketing, Animation Director / Animator

Company: Estoras Group

Client: BC Drive

Project: Leads Generation Portal

Participation: Creative Director, Project Manager, Usability

Company: Iceberg Studios

Client: Vancouver Casket Ltd.

Project: Website – B2B

Participation: Creative Director, Project Manager

Company: Alianz

Client: High-Performance Group @ Richmond Oval

Project: Website with PerfectMind integration

Participation: Creative Director, Project Manager

Company: Iceberg Studios

Client: Caboo Paper Products

Project: Branding, Packaging, Website

Participation: Creative Director, Marketing, Illustrator